Hi Laurie!

Here are yet more pictures for your Nosy Parker segment. My knitting spot is in what is an old Lindal cedar kit A-frame, put up in 1962 when there was no road to my house.

The first winter ascent of Mt. McKinley was written here, "Minus 148" by Art Davidson, possibly in the same spot as I knit. This house survived the 1964 earthquake (magnitude 9.2), but it did blow over once before they put the addition on in 1972. I try to imagine that, it must have looked like someone playing with big blocks.

My husband and I have lived here for 13 years. We are raising our two daughters, Zoey and Genevieve, here. Someday soon we would like to build a different house on this spot.

I've included two pictures of the chair I sit in, mostly. One has your Grammie's square on it, and there are two pictures of the view.


[Trixie, please tell Zoey and Vivi hi for me and thank you so much for the square for Grandma and for everything! big hugs!! --laurie]