I just would like you to take note: The current projects on the footstool (three of them!), the knit blanket on the chair, the heating pad, pattern notes hanging from the bookcase, the coffee mug on top of the book to the right (for when my eyes are just to darn tired to look at my knitting), the notes I am taking from the new Lion Brand catalogue because I am too cheap to pay $3.95 for a blanket pattern. Yes, I didn't realize until I saw my knit area through my camera what A Knitter I am. :)

Can't wait to see all the photos!! Also, just so you know, the actual Knit Storage Area is located behind where I am standing. I dare not take a photo of that one. No, no really. It's scary. I would rather not analyze how many projects I have on needles, how many I have waiting to start and ... and the yarn. <sigh>



[Tracy -- yes, you are A KNITTER! My knit storage area is scary too, and is probably hiding a small gnome colony. Whoops.Thanks for the pic! --laurie]