Great idea. I too love getting little glimpses into other people's daily lives. Glad I'm not the only Noserella out there.

This spot is in our living room. I bought this chair for my husband for our five-year anniversary last year, but I am the one most often sitting in it. It has a great view of the TV, and is right next to the window for fresh breezes or weather monitoring.

I also sent a closeup of my knitting table. The glass-topped table and the lamp on top are from my grandmother. Inside the table is a crazy quilt that someone from my family made in 1891. If you look closely, you can see her initials on the quilt. My grandmother had several theories on who this person could have been, but we never knew for sure.

The quilt is a patchwork made from scraps of silk and velvet, with ribbons from Civil War sailors and soldiers reunions. It's a beautiful object, and provides an inspirational link to my fiber arts/textile heritage!

[Ok, I love that story about the quilt! Thank you so much for sharing, also: how cool is it that you have a family mystery which does not involve "the time he lost a thumb" like in my family?? --laurie]