Hey Laurie!

As an internet voyeur myself, I love this send-me-a-picture project. I figured I should send my own pic since I will be oogling everyone else's.

My favorite knitting place is my living room sofa, at my house, in Connecticut. I like that I COULD light a fire and knit by the fireplace. I have never done this though because I tend to accidentally set stuff on fire in a bad way, but I could, and that is nice thought. Oh and the couch, comfy as hell. It is just squishy enough that you can wedge yourself in nicely but not so squishy that you require a crowbar or forklift to get you up. If you took my couch and the ottoman out into my garage, it would still probably be one of my favorite places to knit even though there is no fireplace because the couch is so comfy. It is also one of my cat's favorite places to nap (he is the large satanic looking one in the picture).

Can't wait to see your's and everyone else's!

-- S.P.R.

[Thanks so much for the picture! I also have a comfy couch that I cannot be parted with even though it's beginning to show the wear and tear of so much love, both from me and the felines ... I may request to be buried in that couch! --laurie]