Hi Laurie,
This is my fav knitting spot, it's in our "great room" and I'll be liking it even more in about 4-6 weeks when the weather is cool enough to turn on the fireplace. I love it because the rocker is comfy, it's right next to my Lantern Moon yarn basket, and it's next to my fav thing (just about) in the whole house: the fireplace.

Why do I love the fireplace?? Because it's made of reclaimed brick and the mantle is a big chunk of wood from an old's a bit of character that I was determined to have when we built our house. I had a VISION for that fireplace. When the brick guy dumped the pile of old bricks that would become our fireplace, the mason and the contractors and the husband all looked at me like I was CRAZY. They didn't say much, because you know you don't argue with the EXTREMELY pregnant crazy lady. So they sucked it up (with muttering from the husband about paying for used bricks) and the mason scraped and placed and worked his magic and it turned out perfect. Who's crazy now!!?? Anyway, there you have it. (please note borrowed spinning wheel that I have no clue how to use...but I love how it looks!)

I love your's the funniest freakin' thing ever.

[Karen -- thank you for the story and you're right, it makes the BEST fireplace ever, because it has history! And grit! heh... get it? GRIT? hee. Thanks for the picture!--laurie]