"Hi from Oklahoma y'all!"

That's from Susan, who writes, "Here's a picture of my favorite knitting spot. All curled up on the love seat...well once I get Hershey the Siamese to move a bit. I swear he can hear the click of a needle and come running at once. Occasionally he'll try to get the yarn, but most of the time he's content to just snuggle. The Calico is Mercy. She just had to see what the heck we were doing. A lot of pics I took were just colored blurs as she'd sweep her tail in front of the lens or rub her face on it. Cats, you have to love 'em! Oh, and I'm thinking Hersh might like to knit socks. At least that's what he was doing earlier this evening."

Thanks, Susan! Love all the fine feline help you have ;)