Hi Laurie,

You're a brave woman, is all I can say. I posted these pics on my Vox blog today, with a little description of the mass confusion you'll see. I wanted to wait for a sunny day, which unfortunately took me until today.

Disclaimer: This is where I knit. This is NOT where I store the vast majority of the stash/overflow/books/crap. I can stand up in that room, but knitting there is out of the question. I'm planning a CAP-style decluttering between now and the end of the year.

Your blog is one of my top-ten must-reads; thanks for sharing with us. I'll probably never make it to California, but I feel like I've visited anyway.



[Hey Beth! Thank you for the kind words -- I do hope you make it to CA one of these days, this is a fabulously bizarro place, you'd love it... the yarn shopping alone... heh heh. Thanks for the pic!--laurie]