Hi, Laurie!

Attached is my knitting spot pic. It's a candid photo. Very candid. I'm not only disorganized, I'm a slob. Mom tried, she really did, but only the cooking skills stuck.

I mostly knit at my computer while reading all sorts of stuff. Blogs, for instance. ;) You'll understand when you see the pic. Unless I'm doing something complicated, I don't need to look all that often while I knit, especially if it's ribbing or stockinette. If I do need to look, I don't miss something like I do when watching TV. Besides, my computer chair is actually a lot more comfortable than my couch, even though I can't curl up in it. Plus there's all that knitting info I've got on the computer's hard drive. It's cramped and messy, but I can keep everything within reach, and do two of my favorite things at once!

My current knitting is my first practice sock, which if you squint, you'll see in the lower right-hand corner; perched half on top of the keyboard, half on the gaming mousepad I use. It's in Lion Brand Wool-Ease, Pines Print, a very dark green which doesn't help visibility any. On two #5 Denise circular needles. I was waiting for sock yarn and sock needles to get here, but got too impatient and had to start some sort of socks. I successfully turned my first heel Sunday night, but finally admitted I had to frog back because the heel flap is too long. So I'm putting that off for a bit. I still want to admire the beauty of my first sock heel!

Otherwise, I'm up in Portland, OR, in the general vicinity of our airport -- thus the PDX. And tend to be awake and knitting mostly at night, when I can see airplane headlights seemingly coming straight for my living room on their landing approach.

Have fun seeing everyone's pix!

Monica (PDX)


[Monica, thank you so much for the pic and the details! I am rather FREAKED OUT and JEALOUS that you can knit *while* doing something else! I need all ten of my brain cells to be focused on knitting ;) Thanks again!--Laurie]