I'm in Two Rivers, Alaska. Squeezed onto the small end of the couch, next to my dog's blanket. Because my pets basically own my house too. :-)

My favorite knitting spot: The end of my couch, next to the dog's spot (marked by the large green blanket).

Yes, you notice the dog's "spot" takes up 2/3 or more of the couch, and I am left with a little "just wide enough for my ass" patch at the very end. But I get all the pillows, so it evens out. I think. Also shown: my afghan square for the Knit A Square For Grandmother Purl knit-a-long!

-- T.

[Hi--I wasn't sure if I could use your first name so I have no renamed you LOL-- thank you so much for knitting a grandma square! Thank you for sending in your pic, too, and I loved the description--laurie]