Hey, here's a reader from Franklin, Tennessee! I used to live real close to there, in Columbia, and one of my favorite restaurants used to be Dotson's in Frankin, is it still there? They had some amazing sweet tea. And biscuits. And gravy. Mmmmmmmm. Gravy.

All right, enough food talk... Jen writes, "This is my knitting spot, in my living room in Franklin, Tennessee. The couch is getting slipcovered, hence the crazy blanket. The turtle box on the table is from Hawaii and holds stitch markers and stuff. The bag, hatboxes, and copper tub with blanket over it (and the little brown hat) are my yarn stash. There is also a huge bunch of yarn hidden under the table in big ziploc bags. Oh, and there are three WIPs on the floor too. (Note the cat brushes on the chair in the dining room. Whoopsie.) Love your blog! Have fun!"

Thanks, Jen! If Dotson's is still there, go have some lunch there this weekend for me, ok?--laurie