Here you go!

That's Rex on the left, and that is usually where I sit to knit/spin. I have to make him move over (growling/grumbling at me the whole time) to sit down. Simba is on the right. Nowadays, my Mom occupies the far right spot. She has Alzheimer's and lives with me now.

There is usually a cat on her lap, and oftentimes there will also be a cat on the back above me, or sitting on the arm next to me. Or sometimes both. (I have four cats, or five if you count the feral tom that has figured out the dog door and comes into the mudroom in the winter for food and a warm place to sleep. I usually don't see him during the summer.)

Anyway, more pictures of my farm (alpacas, llamas, chickens, prairie sunsets/scenery etc) are on my webpage at
-- Annie in SE MN

[Hi Annie! I love this picture so much, and I hope your family and Mom are doing well, I also loved all the pictures on your website. Thanks for sharing with me!--laurie]