I can't wait to see what other peoples' favorite spots are ... my favorite knitting and crocheting spot is the couch in our semi-basement, right by the window and a favorite kitty perch (aside from on top of whatever project is in progress, that is). What you can't see is that just past the flower bed out that window is the bird feeder -- we call it Kitty TV, and that's what the cats are so intent on in the picture. In the basket is my current Big WIP (a crocheted Stitch Sampler afghan for my boyfriend's parents); I'm debating between trying socks (eek! scary!) and casting on for a shawl for my next knitting project, since I just finished two squares for your grandmother (yay!) and have no projects on the needles right now.

A closer look at the cats -- Jasmine (doesn't she look like your Frankie??? Sadly, as you can probably tell, she has the disposition of Sobakawa) and our teenage kitty Onyx, having a discussion about who gets first dibs on flower snacks:

Hunter and Onyx watching Kitty TV from their perch in the cat tree you see in the bottom right of the photo above.

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[I love all these pictures, and especially the kittypics! I can see who wears the SobaPants in your faily. hee.Thanks for sharing these and for the descriptions! -- laurie]