Hi Laurie
Where those pillows are sitting is my favorite knitting spot. I love to lean back into that little corner and stretch out right here in the living room. Sitting there with knitting needles, the remote control and a diet coke is my idea of heaven!

From this lovely spot I have great views. First is the view of all the wonderful things the TIVO man has waiting for me. Can't knit without TIVO. As you can see my TIVO also gets taken over by Burt and Ernie. Such is life with a toddler.

The other view from my knitting spot is outside the window. On clear days I get a great view of Mt. Rainier.

So that's the end of our tour. I do have a website/blog. The address

Have fun.

[Thanks, Kris! I love the narrative, too, because I feel like I'm almost there... especially with the Bert & Ernie!!--laurie]