Hi, Laurie . . . Yes, I am a lurker, but I couldn't resist the chance to show off my knitting "spot". (Though, to be honest, it's a crocheting spot more than a knitting spot. So far my knitting has produced one very long garter stitch scarf, last winter's sole yarn project. Noro Kureyon, and I tried to work slowly -- not really a problem -- so as not to finish playing with the yarn too soon. Perhaps this winter I will attempt something with purling in it . . . )

This is also my reading chair; and, as shown in photo 2 ("knitting chair with sam"), its most important function is as cat sleeping chair, especially in the winter when we have a fire in the woodstove.

I have no picture of my other favorite knitting/crocheting spot, which is the passenger's seat of my husband's car. He likes to go with me when I'm shopping, and he likes to drive, which suits me fine: I see absolutely no reason to waste perfectly good knitting time in driving simply because I need to go somewhere.

Oh -- the brown thing in the cat-less photo of the chair is my current project: an alpaca shawl. I'm crocheting it because I'd like to wear it sometime THIS winter.

Love your blog, and your cats (especially Roy, He Who Needs Bacon),
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[Anita -- thank you so much for sharing, and this evening when I go home and give Roy his little Bacon Chaser --heh-- I will tell him he's your favorite and I know he will appreciate it, he's very insightful that way. For a cat. I loved the detailed description of your knitting spot, thank you!--laurie]