Hiya Laurie!

I've got two pictures of my knitting spot, because it's all ... panoramic, and stuff. ;) It's just my little family room, and my old (Target couch covered) couch. It's really the calmest room in the house (can you tell I like blue?). I've got my yarn shelf right next to the couch, so I've always got patterns and yarn right at hand. There's a fair amount of water in the family room too. I've got the fountain on the yarn shelf, and opposite the couch is my 55 gallon fish tank (aka CatTV). Hooray for soothing influences. :) Especially when you've just ripped out that @#$% lace shawl for the third time. ;)

As I'm sure you know, nothing can be accomplished in a house with cats without the Aid of a Cat. Eris is proving that in the second photo. :)

Thanks for reading, and I absolutely love your blog!

-Sarah (and the rest of the Zoo)

[Sarah, I love the art behind the sofa!! And the cat helper, of course :) --laurie]