Hi Laurie,
I work from home and as such the whole house is my office so I don't have a single place in which I can disappear on a regular basis. When it's cool outside I love to knit in my "hidey hole" in the backyard. When I'm sitting the in chair you can't actually see me from the house. I love that.

When I'm feeling cuddling and want to curl up, I knit on the sofa in the living room. Usually, PK - short for Princess Kitty - hops up and is trying to curl up on my lap before I even have created a lap for her! When David has the sofa, by stretching out its length and burrowing into a book, I knit across from him in the cushy leather chair by the fireplace.

Lastly, when we curl up and enjoy the tivo I knit on the love seat. Ok, I try. Two humans and a cat on a love seat doesn't actually leave a lot of room for two sticks and some string. The love seat is in the family room, which is actually just separated from the living room by the double sided fireplace.

I hope that gives you an idea of my favorites knitting spots. While I often don't comment, I throughly enjoy your blog and I'm thrilled to help enable your voyeurism!


[countess, thank you for the awesome pictures, I love your decorating style, and now I have the insane urge to vaccuum like there's no tomorrow... your house is spookily devoid of cat hair... are you magic? how do you do it? help me? --laurie]