Dear Laurie,
I'm a fairly new knitter (weeks, not months) - and also fairly new to, but much delighted and sometimes touched by, your blog.

I have my favourite knitting spot in the old sofa in the corner. Where I have just started on the Vigdis sweater, by the way. However the cats very much prefer to have me doing the knitting in bed. And Laurenz loves, loves, loves alpaca. Mmmm, alpaca.

(But that's probably only because we have not yet felt rich enough to order the merino/silk from the happy sheep at Nydal -- on the website,, they show the sheep and goats delivering the mohair and merino, and for the first time I've found myself looking at a happy, cheeky-looking animal and thought, "uh, how I just want to knit you!")

But for now it will just be socks - 98% alpaca, 2% siamese.

Very big hugs from
Camilla and the very bad cats in Copenhagen


[Camilla, I loved these pictures, and I love Copenhagen, too! I was there a few years ago and fell in love with it, I wish I would have been a knitter back then! Now I have to go back and wear all my wooly handknits ;) --laurie]