Hi, there!
My knitting spot isn't just where I like to knit, it's the only place I knit. It's the one spot in the apartment that is really ALL MINE (except for Mrs. Cooper, my rabbit). I strew my knitting and patterns about in my own, special kind of organization. I have a stack of knitting magazines under the end table that could cripple a small child if it fell over. You can see my knitting basket ON the end table; I used to keep it on the floor... it looked pretty nice, but it turns out Mrs. Cooper has this thing for strands of dried rice plant. She also really likes ball bands and knitting patterns.

I'm from Maine, and it's starting to get cold here. I've always wondered about knitters in warm climates... what's your cue that it's time to make some mittens? How do you make a sweater when it's seventy degrees year round?

Well, I'm sure you've got a couple hundred emails to go through. I LOVE your blog. Your serious posts make me want to send you a tin of divinity, and your funny ones have me rolling on the floor.

[Hi! I love divinity ;) And to answer your question... we really crank up the A/C and pretend it's cold so we can knit away all year round. We are maybe delusional. --laurie]