My most frequent knitting spot is this La-Z-Boy recliner. It's in front of the television so I can listen to the TV while knitting (or at least knit during commercials). Next to the chair is a stack of reading material -- magazines and books I like to flip through. On the other side is the coffee table, also covered in reading material. It gives me a place to put my drink.

Looking at these pictures I am aware that I am always surrounded by clutter. Well, my mind is VERY well organized so external clutter is immaterial.

The small blob of pink and yellow (Don't blame me...I'm knitting something for my favorite five year old and pink and yellow are two of her favorite colors. Later I'm adding purple and green and she can use it for Mardi Gras) is the start of a blanket for my niece, my latest project.

Love your blog.


[Amanda, I love your 'external clutter' theory!!--laurie]