First off, hi! I have commented on your blog a few times, but never emailed or anything, so I thought I should introduce myself, so...hi! I'm Amanda, I live in San Francisco (recent transplant from NJ, but my parents live in Baton Rouge although I never did--but I digress). In past months I suddenly, with no warning, became an obsessive knitter with a heavy knitting blog addiction, and I have very much enjoyed reading yours, not least because know. Been there, felt that. Drank the wine.

Back to the knitting spot. This is my little corner of the loveseat in my wee apartment living room in the North Beach area of SF. I swear to you that other than repositioning the lemur and scarf and turning the laptop, this is just how I was sitting we I got your request for photos!

Clockwise from the top left, you will see:
--Netflix DVD, for watching while knitting (mostly anime and Bollywood, lately)
--Lemur wearing recently finished Dulaan hat
--Wine rack
--The loveseat itself, with pillow and blanket for chilly nights (I refuse to turn on the heat. SF is NOT THAT COLD. Wusses)
--The current knitting project, specifically a MAGIC SCARF in NE Patriot's colors for my MIL (I swear on the Bible I did NOT plan this. That is what I was really working on!!)
--On floor, knitting back including copy of Knit Fix, for I am a dumbass and NEED.THIS.BOOK.
--On ottoman (for putting up my feets), laptop with blogs to read while I work
--TV remote
--A glass of a...cheering beverage (aka pinot noir)(cheap)(it was a long day).

Amanda, The Crazy Cat Lady Without a Cat

[ I heart "cheering beverages" too :) --laurie]