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February 1, 2013

February (Triumph over Task List) (Completion) (Follow Through)

Hello, shortest, weirdest month of the year. How YOU doin'?

I'm not even going to talk about how it got to be this day so soon when I am still thinking about Christmas knitting.

My February goals are to continue January goals minus one that was unnecessary plus one task a day. At the beginning of the year I made a list of all lingering, current and upcoming life to-do items. It was a really long list. If this novel doesn't work out I could stick a dedication page on the list and call it my War & Peace.

The list itself feels like accomplishment. If I don't write tasks down I carry them in my head and create anxiety and forget my zipcode. But when the list is together I wonder how on earth will I ever get it all done!

Based on my revelation from January -- massive accomplishment can come from devoting a small chunk of time daily to a project -- I decided to make myself accountable for knocking off one item off each day in February. Some tasks are short but annoying (making an appointment, going to an appointment, getting the car serviced). Some are more involved (taxes, database management, unclusterfucking the website and email issues). The bigger tasks got highlighted in pink so I know to schedule those on a weekend or a day when I'm off work. There are eight weekend days in February and one holiday, so that gives me room for nine large tasks and 19 small or medium tasks.

Also based on what I learned in January, I can take a large task and break it out over several days and that's fine, too. Though I would prefer to just get them done one per day.

I picked this goal for February since it's the shortest month. Obvs.

The overall goal is to enter into March and springtime with less junk on my to-do list and with more sense of accomplishment and butt-kicking in my own life.

Feel free to download my monthly goal-tracker and use one yourself:

Monthly goal tracker PDF (letter size)

Monthly goal tracker PDF (legal size)

While I am dismayed that They (The U.S. Department of They) were right about time flying by as you get older, I am happy that January was a month where each day was not completely lost in a blur and I have a sheet of star stickers to remind myself of that.

Are you doing goals this month? If so, what's on your list?

Gold star for Bob -- Cat Who Keeps Laundry Warm!

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