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January 15, 2013

Cold and cold

Yesterday was the coldest day on record in Los Angeles for the past twenty-two years! For a town that regularly complains with feral despair when the temperature drops below 65℉ you can imagine how much bellyaching there was across the land. As I type this now it's a frigid 50℉ and yet so bright and sunny out the windows, a disparity that has caused us much confusion. Yesterday I heard someone at the office wail out in frustration, "How on earth can people live this way?" and everyone heartily agreed. It is too much. How indeed can people live when it is sunny and yet there is no warm?

Also, there is germy cold and everyone at the studio is sick. Everyone at the grocery store is sick. I leave my house and all I can think about is how delicious it would be to slip into a well-tailored hazmat suit.

The cold and flu season is not kind to germaphobes.

Last week I was so sick I even missed a day of work, though I don't remember much about it as I slept until 5:30 p.m., something which occurs also once every 22 years. During my time of febrile delirium, I discovered a new product that freaked out my little brain:


This tissue promises to be soothing and cool to the touch on your poor red noz. And people, it actually works. It's so freaky and mysterious and yet at the same time a strange luxury. I am one of those people who always has an endless supply of Kleenex on hand (along with toilet paper and paper towels, you will never run out of these things when you visit my home, I am a mini-hoarder of necessities) but I only stock the germaphobe's delight, the Kleenex Anti-Viral tissue.

Now I have to make a special trip back to the store and brave exposure to the human population so I can stock up on cool touch tissues. What a marvelous time we live in.

Posted by laurie at January 15, 2013 10:49 AM