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December 19, 2012

Cute Overload: The tiniest little baby cardigan



One of my favorite friends is about to become a first-time dad. In just a few days he'll be meeting his new son and I wanted to give him something soft and warm to celebrate his happy new arrival. I selected this pattern because it reminded me of the cardigans my friend wears to work, and I thought his son would look nifty dressed just like dad.

The pattern for this tiny treasure is the chunky cardigan from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies and I used supercotton in pure white. Unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued, like every yarn I have ever loved in my life, how do they know? Is there an early warning system deployed to all yarn companies that alerts them as soon as I fall in love with a beautiful fiber so they can immediately discontinue it?

The pattern calls for Rowan all-seasons cotton yarn, which has not been discontinued. I like the Skacel yarn, though, it's incredibly soft and smooshy.


One of the best features of this pattern is the use of chunkier yarn. I like a knit that won't take me 25 years to finish (especially as babies tend to arrive whether you have completed the piece or not). But I'm torn about whether to recommend this particular pattern to my knitting friends. The final product turned out really well, but the pattern was sometimes hard to follow and had a lot of mistakes (even after finding the errata online I still found math errors). The sweater is knitted in five pieces, which means you're doing a LOT of seaming for such a tiny garment, and those seams can easily become much too bulky if you aren't careful. The pattern looked like I had gone all Beautiful Mind on it by the time I was all done.




There's a lot of blocking and seaming required in this pattern, but the end result is undeniably adorable. I really appreciated the classic design and the chunkier yarn and it was fun searching for just the perfect buttons. If you're willing to give the pattern some patience the result is really sweet and worth the effort.

I love knitting baby items for dear friends, it's my way of welcoming a tiny new person to the world and trying keep them cozy.

And oh, how tiny...!


Posted by laurie at December 19, 2012 12:26 PM