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June 11, 2012


Over the weekend I found this semi-completed project:


This tangle of color is a half-completed entrelac scarf made from Noro Furisode in a wacky color combination that if I were naming colorways would be called, "Acid trip vomit dream colorway #1969." I realize it is not everyone's taste, though I happen to like it. I prefer my yarn weird and big. Insert vaguely smutty joke about men here.

It has been so long since I knitted anything other than simple armwarmers and hats that I had forgotten how to make entrelac. Out of sight, out of skill level.

Luckily entrelac isn't too hard to extract from the grey matter, turns out it is a lot like riding a bike. Except of course it is nothing like riding a bike and you can do it indoors with wine. Once I got back into the groove of knitting this scarf I remembered why I love entrelac so much ... it's supremely cool! From a series of fairly simple knits, purls, increases and decreases you get a fantastic fabric that looks truly impressive.

While knitting entrelac I spend most of my time congratulating myself on how awesome I am, with only an intermittent burst of the Oh Fuck! stitch, which seems to happen when I am basking in my greatness and drop something accidentally. This move is also known as the Humbling stitch.
If you haven't tried entrelac before, I highly recommend it. It looks complicated and impossible but once you accept that it is the most insane thing you will ever knit then it's all zen and fun. There's a nice leap of faith at the beginning of the process when your mind can't quite figure out how all the stitches will come together.

The best part of entrelac is when people say things like, "WOW, you MADE that?" -- a comment which never ceases to make me feel taller.


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