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May 8, 2012

Some dawns wait

If we are being honest and not-smartypants I did not think of that title. Probably it is a line from another Langston Hughes poem since that is all I am reading in the bathroom while being literary fancy with expensive tea in a Beverly Hills chair.

But you know what? Some dawns wait.

Not everything you want happens right now.
Not every plan you make gets put into action today.
Not every list you make gets checked off one by one today.
You may not get it all done.
You will never get it perfect.
You do not have to finish life to get good at it.
You may not get it today, but tomorrow is a whole new dawn.
Maybe tomorrow it will work out.
You never know.

The living experience is the one where we mess up. Others mess up. We figure out what we will and will not accept. Today someone treated me horribly and I said to myself, first: "WOW! I cannot believe you did that! It is kind of stunning how much you suck." (Oh, I used more colorful words.)

And later I said: "I will never treat another human being that way." This is why the dawn waits. So you can decide who you will be when it comes.

I do not yet know the outcome, the dawning realization that will come with time, the dawning knowledge that will make this small little blip fit into my life. Some dawns just take time. We do not get the download in one day.

Oh! Here it is, I found it, the Hughes piece I ingested whole. I cannot explain why he is my daily devotional right now. This is a black man born in 1902 who came of age at a time when there were no civil rights. How do we connect? Words, that's how. The longing, the want, the aspiration, it's so resonant.


Tomorrow may be
a thousand years off:


says this particular
cigarette machine.

Others take a quarter straight.

Some dawns

Write what you must, say what you can, be who you are. You never know who it touches. Dude was writing about a cigarette machine and I extrapolated it into my LIFE.

You can do this.
Me, too.

Dawns wait.

Posted by laurie at May 8, 2012 9:06 PM