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January 3, 2012

This day, this crazy summer (January) day.

It's just another Chamber of Commerce day here in Los Angeles, the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining and it's 82 degrees. Winter warmth is completely unlike summertime heat. In the middle of summer the heat is just aggressive and it seeps into the concrete but in the wintertime a warm day like today feels perfect. Also, I just wrote an entire blissful paragraph about the weather so I have officially turned into my parents. Later let's have a scotch and watch some Fox News.

Anyway, I can appreciate the weather today because I was finally well-rested. Last night we had a reprieve from the window-rattling sound of helicopters constantly flying overhead and I actually got some sleep. My building sits right in the middle of the disturbing fire path set by the arsonist and everyone was on edge in the neighborhood. The sound of sirens and helicopters all night long for four nights in a row didn't help. The fires were scary.

When the news showed footage of the mad arsonist being arrested in Hollywood you could see his face, at one point he turned and smiled for the cameras like he was on a particularly sick episode of TMZ. The first thing I thought when I saw that look on his face was, "I don't know what he's guilty of, but that dude is guilty of something."

My neighbors and I have never really talked much, when you live in a crowded city in a crowded building and you share walls and guest parking spots and laundry facilities, you tend to keep your fences high. But during the unsettling nights of the arson spree everyone kept looking out the windows into the parking area, waving at each other across the alley. The opera guy in the building next door gave me a thumbs up sign one night around 3 a.m., when sirens were streaming past the building and two helicopters were hovering overhead. It was oddly comforting to see opera man's little sign of solidarity.

So today was a really good day, beautiful and sunny and clear. On my walk this morning I passed a plainclothes policeman (just like on TV!) wearing jeans and a T-shirt with his badge on a chain around his neck. He was checking the garage of a building nearby. When he heard my footsteps he looked up quickly.

"Good morning," I said, gave a little wave as we passed.

"Good morning," he said.

Then I heard him say quietly, "It is a good morning."

Posted by laurie at January 3, 2012 4:10 PM