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January 11, 2012

I learned to Dougie, and other signs the world may indeed be ending.

Last night I went to a hip hop dance class at a local studio. This is part of my effort to get out of my house at night instead of staying home alone with my boyfriend, Tivo. He loves me ... but he will still be there later, waiting for me to un-pause him and love him back.

The hip hop class consisted of all good dancers and me. It was highlarious. Surprisingly it was one of the most intense aerobic experiences I have had in a long time, largely because I was trying to keep up with the class while also reigning in control of my flailing limbs which refused to move to the music. Plus I learned to Dougie*. (When I got home my phone was ringing, March of 2011 called and they want their moves back.)

I loved the class. Also, I believe the class loved me. Every class enjoys having one person who is so bad it makes them look like Beyonce. I know it. You know it. And now I am bringing that joy to so many new people.

This time last year I would have cut off my left ear all crazy painter style before venturing out alone on a school night to some hip hop bootyshaking class in the valley. So, yeah, I haven't exactly reached the pinnacle of enlightenment yet but I can now Dougie. Progress, people.

- - -

Seen on the boulevard:

Pink hummer! Palm trees! Swimming pools and movie stars!

- - -

* and *
Teach yourself how to Dougie, or watch the Glee version.

Posted by laurie at January 11, 2012 7:11 AM