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December 15, 2011

Thursday, the best day of the week

There must be a scientific reason that Thursday is the best day of the week. Perhaps it's all those good TV shows programmed for Thursday nights combined with the psychological midspace between week and weekend and the proximity to the future. Thursday feels closer to the future.

Here is Frankie relaxing in a single sunbeam:


She's been doing some light reading with If The Buddha Dated by Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D. Literate cats, what can you do? Speaking of dating, I'm wrapping up the magazine article I've been writing about digital dating so if you have any last burning questions you want to see addressed in print be sure to post them in the comments. And what about you? Since we last talked have you been dating? Have your experiences been good ones, funny ones, creepy ones? Are you still too terrified of the full-body picture to even begin?

I've discovered a through line in all the research I've done for this article. Most men and women simply want to feel appreciated and happy and attractive, no secret there. Some find the only way to be happy or feel good is to see themselves reflected back in the eyes of a partner. Others are on the very opposite end of the stick, at the first feeling of closeness or intimacy they close up tight, they bolt in self-protection. Human beings are fascinating little creations, aren't they? So much mysterious stuff all swirled up in a pair of jeans or a suit jacket.

Speaking of swirled up, the hippie downstairs has a new ladyfriend. She's a musician, too, and I've bumped into them several times at the locked gate, always fumbling for his keys. He's got his wild hair and funky T-shirts on, she's small and dark-haired with delicate features and her guitar strap has flowers embroidered across it. Yesterday they sat in his living room and they must have had the sliding patio door open because when I walked past his apartment on my way to the laundry I could hear them singing. It sounded pretty. It sounded like two people falling in love.

Posted by laurie at December 15, 2011 7:58 AM