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December 21, 2011

Three good things

There are eleven days left in 2011. The end of the year is always a tangled time especially for those of us who naturally bend toward insanity, but I like the dusting out of the old year and finishing up the last odds and ends. And this year has certainly had its odds and ends.

I'm going to spend the next eleven days finishing what I started, thinking ahead to a fresh new year, and on at least one occasion I will paint my nails bright red while watching a Nick & Nora movie.

My three things for today:

1) The weather is sunny and chilly and clear and I get to wear my Uggs, and that makes me happy.

2) I figured something out that I couldn't see until just this morning and I feel relieved and freed up by it. I love the way the brain works, all wrapped up in confusion and mystery and emotion and then one morning you wake up and *click*

3) Barbecue sauce.

What are your three things?


Posted by laurie at December 21, 2011 2:16 PM