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December 13, 2011

Nineteen days

The year 2012 is just nineteen days away. Have you started pondering the fresh new year ahead or are you still mired down in traffic and giftwrap? Here in Los Angeles traffic intensifies as we crawl closer to Christmas, by Christmas Eve everyone is honking and gesturing madly at each other with the sign-language finger.

Today, however, it's beautiful in Hollyweird. The rain washed away the brown air and brought snow to the mountains and on my walk I had the perfect view of the city with mountains framing it, if I go back out later today I'll take my camera. There's a good resolution -- take more pictures. (You know you're a listmaker when you add "make new year's resolutions" to your to-do list.)

I made a special point of going to the grocery store yesterday when it was raining so that I could observe my fellow Angelenos in their rainy-day gear: plaid shirts, sweatshirts, pajama bottoms, Ugg boots. Everyone looked bedraggled and askew and sleepy.

This is such a funny place.

Posted by laurie at December 13, 2011 1:11 PM