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November 10, 2011

Snapshots in the Valley

Just some Tuesday things on a Thursday.

1) Seen in the parking lot of the Galleria:
You're a few states off, bud. But since we have no football team we'll let it stand.

2) The weeklong manicure, caught in a shadowy low-light iphone picture:


This photo of my little pink nails is solely for the benefit of those two picky people who constantly warn me I am single-handedly ruining feminism with my love of nailpolish and mascara and smooth beaches on the ladypond. Let's be free to be you and me, people. And when I am free to be me I will have on pink nail polish (that is Opi soft shades "sweetie pie" for those of you who also get your manicure on.)

A few weeks ago I read a little piece in Newsweek (I think, correct me if I'm wrong) about nail polish being the recession splurge. It's like the lipstick splurge of the war years, that one little luxury that makes you feel pretty in lean, grey times. I would post a picture of my red toes to prove the point that you really can dress up a pair of feet as ugly as mine, but since I prefer to believe feet don't exist I will skip that.

3) Rainbow in Sherman Oaks:


That's the view from the patio at Crave on Ventura and Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks. It was rainy and then sunny and then rainbow! People honked at it. That is how we roll around here.

4) Hat made entirely of discarded Taiyo colors:


I've been making a zillion and one hats out of Noro Taiyo (free pattern here) and in one of the colorways there is a spontaneous weird jolt of black and green and white. It shows up in the middle of purples, blues and pinks and it's just Noro-certified weird. So I started snipping the acid green and black parts and tying them together to make a big ball of goofy, funky yarn which is turning into an excellent goofy, funky hat. And you get some wildlife in the background just for kicks.

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