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October 5, 2011

Today's forecast: Puddles and frizz and DOOM


STORM WATCH 2011 is ON!!

Rain in early October is the Los Angeles equivalent of snow on Spring Break in the deep south. Everyone looks homeless including me, it's an unspoken citywide rule that on rainy days you get to suspend normal operations and wear all your scrummiest clothes at one time. Plus it's COLD! For those of you not familiar with the vernacular, cold is anything under 67 degrees. It was 52 degrees this morning in the Hollywood Hills! That's just crazytalk.

Of course, people in other parts of the country get a good laugh over Los Angeles "cold." It's the same way we feel when you complain about "traffic" or "high gas prices." Everything is relative, and in this relatively warm and sunny spot of the map we don't expect to see a 52-degree morning until a cold snap in December.

There has been a lot of snuggling happening in the city:


And this morning I went on a walk in the rain thus proving I have either fully committed to exercise or need to be fully committed. Having never deliberately walked outdoors in the rain I wasn't sure what to wear, so I zipped on my big, oversized sweatshirt hoodie and got on the road.

This was a big, oversized mistake. By the time I was midway through my walk I was soaked all the way through and my clothes had become larger, heavier and longer. It did have the fascinating side effect of allowing me to re-create what it was like to exercise back when I was ten pounds heavier, though. By the time I got home I was thoroughly exhausted from carting all those wet clothes around, including a hoodie/sponge that now weighed fifteen times its normal heft.

But I lived to tell the tale and make fun of myself, and really, is there anything better?

There may be one thing better:

Rainy days and greenies always make me smile.

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