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September 30, 2011

Worth it

Although my back hurts and I sometimes get bored or it's hot or I have some other excuse, I still get up in the mornings and go for a daily walk. Getting in shape the "sensible" way is kind of a slog after a few weeks, so you can imagine that after a year (plus some) there are days when I feel less than inspired to burn another 200 calories on the pavement.

But this is Los Angeles and it's fall TV season and the whole city has become one big film set. So on my morning walks now I pass at least three or four outdoor sets every day. Sometimes I see the actors but usually I see the grips and PAs and teamsters and craft services folks milling around.

This morning, however, I walked so close to Taye Diggs that I could have literally leaned a bit to the left and covered him with my lovin' body. He is more physically perfect than any one person should be allowed to be all at one time. I am sure I impressed him in my track pants and grubby Run DMC T-shirt and my awesome white girl VISOR. (But how else to keep the freckles at bay?)

On the way back I practically sprinted past what will now be forever known to me as Taye Diggs Place and for that Herculean exercise effort I will later be sprawled on a heating pad wondering how I got to be so old and easily sprung. It was worth it. I bet I looked awesome running with my visor.

Uh, I'm just keeping it warm until you get back.

Posted by laurie at September 30, 2011 10:39 AM