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September 27, 2011

Tuesday Give Away: FREE Deluxe Citrus Lane prize box of baby goodies

Oh, I love giving stuff away. I recently got a whole pile of stuff ranging from books to yarn to baby goodies to give away and today we're starting with this awesome gift box from CitrusLane.com:


In this box:

* SwaddleDesigns Marquisette Swaddle Blanket
* Pearhead Babyprints Tin
* Green Sprouts Organic Cotton Mitts
* Canopy Cards Baby Love Letter
* Cloud B Sleep Sheep Rattle
* Zoe Organics Mommy-to-be Bath Tea
* $50 Minted Gift Card

I'm always curious with these things if the box actually looks anything like the prize in the picture, so I got one in the mail and it totally rocks:


Granted, I have no idea what a lot of this stuff is for (Marquisette Swaddle Blanket? Is that different than cheap Target blanket avec cat hair?) but this box would make an AMAZING baby shower gift. I don't know about you, but I struggle at baby showers. Usually I don't want to go to them to begin with because people sit around talking about gross things like amniotic waters and placentas and there is a CAKE present. I understand that birth is part of the circle of life and you're happy you got knocked up and a baby is cute and so on. But I still have PTSD from the baby shower of 2003 where I was made to sit around a conference table at the bank while my old boss Mark talked about his wife's mucus plug, then four minutes late everyone cut the cake. I had to leave the room on an important conference call to anyone other than you people. Then I barfed a little bit in the trashcan.

Babies come out and it's messy and I am down with that, but not while cake is in the room, people. Let's have some boundaries.

So I have a tough time with the pre-baby parties and gifts. This may explain why I have often been the only person giving the new mom a bottle of tequila and a box of condoms with a card that reads "Better luck next time!" (Much appreciated, I'm sure.) The Citrus Lane box is not only adorably packaged but has all kinds of baby and mommy goodies in there I would never be clever enough to think of buying on my own.

And the best part? You can enter to win one deluxe gift box today! One lucky winner will win a super cute prize box with an assortment of neat-o new mom and new baby stuff.

Simply post a comment on this post to be entered to win. Please include a real email address with your comment, because that's how I will contact you. I never re-use or abuse your email addresses, it's a one-time only entry for this prize. If you do not want your email address to show on your comment (people complain about that, among other things, awesome) just put a URL in the URL field and your email address will be hidden in a trick-the-innernet kind of way.

Giveaway ends tomorrow morning when I close comments.

This promotion is a sponsored giveaway for my site so that means there is all sorts of fine print:

Read the Official Rules.
Variable Promotion Terms & Conditions:
Promotion Sponsor: Citrus Lane, Inc.
Promotion Start Date: variable by blog between 9/9/2011 and 9/30/2011
Promotion End Date: variable by blog between 9/12/2011 and 10/12/2011
How to Enter: Leave an entry on the Clever Girls Network blog post stating that you are interested in winning a Citrus Lane box.
Prizes: One Citrus Lane gift box
Total approximate retail value of all prizes: $45 (actual value may vary).
Winner Selection Date variable by blog between 9/12/2011 and 10/12/2011
Prize Selection: Administrator will randomly select the winner(s) from all eligible entries

Good luck! happy Tuesday!

- - -

This sweepstakes has now closed, with a winner to be announced soon. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Posted by laurie at September 27, 2011 11:04 AM