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September 19, 2011

So much TV, so little time

It's Fall TV Time! And also, eventually it will be fall, but more importantly it is the time of year when re-runs go away and TV comes back with all your best old friends and a few new ones.

Which new shows will you be tuning in to this season? Every season I pick one or two new shows which seem to almost immediately get canceled (I am still not over you, Detroit 187) but this year I'm going to try a few comedies (The New Girl, 2 Broke Girls) and then stick with my usual drama diet: Pan Am, Revenge, maybe Person of Interest, and I will probably tune into at least the first episode of Charlie's Angels. I think I'm dropping Dancing With The Stars, it's too much TV and the only "star" I really like is Carson Kressley. Plus that frees up a good four hours a week.

One of my favorite shows is now being rebroadcast on American TV, on the OWN network -- Supersize V. Superskinny. I first caught this show when I was on vacation in London several years ago and I've watched most of the episodes online. What's being shown on OWN is the same show but with an American voiceover (what, do they think we can't understand a British accent?) and with noticeably more demure title graphics. I'm actually surprised it's even on American TV, it seems like exactly the sort of show that people would complain about nonstop, since it's fairly gooby and shows a lot of people in their underwear eating weird food. And people do love to complain.

The returning shows I like are Castle, and Bones (Temperance is preggers!), and both the New York and Vegas CSIs. This morning on my walk I passed four(!) different TV shoots along the boulevard, and one had trailers labeled for CSI but I didn't see any of the stars.

So what's on your Fall TV list? (The first person to smugly announce they have better things to do than watch TV gets the Debbie Downer of the day award, which isn't an award at all but is more like a rash behind the knees.) TV is an insomniac's best friend, yo!

Posted by laurie at September 19, 2011 11:22 AM