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September 1, 2011

Baby, can you dig your man?

Her face says, "But I am so scared! I do not like this book! You keep washing your hands and disinfecting things! And playing that creepy song about the Reaper!"

- - -

Are you on the road with Frannie and Stu and the bunch? Have you made it to Colorado yet? If you're reading the uncut version you may be trapped inside the dog's brain. I don't know, but I can feel pretty sure at least one of you is now thanking the Purell corporation for existing.

What's even awesomer is that the new Matt Damon outbreak-ish movie "Contagion" comes out next Friday so you can go sit inside a movie theatre and listen to people sneeze and cough during a movie about the deadly spread of bird flu through sneezing and coughing in movie theatres.

The first time I saw the trailer I was on a date. I was sitting in the darkened movie house next to a dude who was pretty much a stranger, really, and someone behind us sneezed and I had to break out the wet wipes and do some hand germ maintenance. He asked me out again, and neither of us got the bird flu, so this story has a happy ending. But I still haven't had enough therapy to share a popcorn with another human being unless I have actually seen them wash their hands with soap for the full singing of the alphabet. Baby steps, people. baby steps.

So our book club chitchat about The Stand is scheduled for Friday, September 16th (to last all weekend) but I wanted to check in with you all and be sure that's enough time for everyone to finish the book. Let me know.

And go wash your hands!

Posted by laurie at September 1, 2011 7:57 AM