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September 13, 2011

A few Tuesday things



1) I saw that germ movie, CONTAGION!!! I had to Purell myself repeatedly during the film. I think that every time someone sneezed I became more unhinged. I like to think of this sort of thing as exposure therapy, exposing myself to microbes both real and imagined to build up immunity. Then I needed to go to my home and disinfect the bathroom. Again.

2) In the midst of writing this thing I'm writing I figured out the plot flaw in Katie & Armando, a completely different project that has nothing to do with this one. I have made no money off either and soon will return to the world of work and commutes but until then I've been trying to pack in everything I can with the feverish need of a human being who is not really sure about the future of the future. At all.

3) In a few weeks I'm going to be visiting a different city with some family folks and for some reason it's fallen on me to pick the hotel and I am freaking out because it's a lot of pressure to pick a place other people will like. Usually I just find a hotel I think I will like, and if I hate it I get up and move the next day. But I realize other people need better decision-making from the gitgo and I am paralyzed with fear of disappointing my family. Several excellent things have emerged from this: ONE is that I decided where I am staying and that is a good start. TWO is that I'm excited about this little mini-trip in the fall, I've been so busy and crazy I had forgotten all about it. THREE is that it might be cold enough to wear a coat! If you live in Los Angeles you know how exciting that is for a local. FOUR is that my book will be done by then. And FIVE is that I have had enough therapy to realize I'm not really responsible for other people's fun and I just need to loosen up and bring out my inner hippie right now, so I have, and it is working.

4) SPEAKING of hippies. The hippie downstairs is amazing. If you don't know the story of the hippie downstairs, let me recap: He's a hippie. He gave my whole building a contact high. He favors plaid boxer shorts, patchouli and playing Bob Dylan songs on his guitar on the patio. His make-out music is old Crow Medicine Show, which seems the wrong tempo, but what do I know. He has a different goodlooking ladyfriend over every night. He once charged me $20 to use his garage clicker when mine wasn't working. That should bring you up to speed. So last night there was some crazy police action in our neighborhood and I heard the hippie downstairs tell his newest ladyfriend, "This police state is ruining my voice, man, I have to shout when I am more of a whisper man, you feel me? The whisper is my sweet spot."

And I wanted to die with happiness that I lived long enough to eavesdrop on a man saying those words. And then repeat them on the internet for your pleasure.

5) Finally, it was Sept. 11th again and this time I just didn't write anything. I was going to and then nothing felt appropriate or real so I just decided to keep it inside. Later that night I was watching the news and I saw the story of the airplane that had to be escorted to the airport by fighter jets because some of the passengers were spending too much time in the restroom. It was determined that two of the passengers were just engaging in a little mid-flight nookie. Now I am many things, but a prude is not one of them (germaphobe, yes, mon dieu people, find a cleaner place!). But I think the lesson to be learned here is that if you plan to join the mile-high club you should think twice before doing it on September 11th. Merely a suggestion.

Posted by laurie at September 13, 2011 12:53 PM