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August 19, 2011

Insert clever title that makes me look less like a slacker

1) Trends in the vernacular
In the past ten days I have had conversations no less than five times with different people where I interject a deeply heartfelt, "Homie don't play that!" Who knew I woke one morning in early August and became the sole blonde, female member of the 1987 Run DMC lineup? YO! Homie Raps! Two decades ago! Yet try it yourself today and you will see that for almost any conversation the interjection, "Say what! Homie don't play that!" is a true crowd pleaser.

2) Books have a lot of words.
That sentence actually had one extra word until I edited out the expletive. I am just saying is all. I'm going to finish this book I'm writing but there may be some drawings of cats in the middle.

3) Experiments in interpersonal, inter-species dinner having and movie seeing
Yeah, when you're ready you should totally date again. I faux dated back that one time during that phase, then I went on that long-ass hiatus ("Homie don't play that!") and now am real dating and ya'll, it's super fun. Yes, it's true that it's goofy and you have to tell your story and they tell their story and there are awkward parts and still -- even with all the newness and so on -- if you are in the right frame of mind it is so much goodness. We will talk more about this. You can ask me your burning questions, if I am doing it you can do it, people. I already got a few good dating questions in my email that I will answer and you know I say I hate giving advice but then I go and give advice like that shit is about to be banned by the FDA. Let's do it.

4) Why am I cussing so much? My parents will be calling later today to discuss.
I blame Corey. Sorry, C-squared, something has to be your fault.

SPEAKING OF COREY. Here we are (two weeks ago, whoops) getting out geek on at DEVO:


Video of the band playing Whip It:

(Uh, I have to figure out how to get this on youtube and then embed it, meaning I forgot my password, so until then here is a link on yfrog: http://yfrog.com/nrebkz)


Corey is on the beat:
She cracks me UP.

Us in the middle of it all, per usual.

IN CONCLUSION. Ladies, if DEVO comes to your town get thee to the venue on time. The show is amazing, the band rocks out, I thought I only knew one Devo song but I knew about 75% of the setlist (including the lyrics, how did that happen? I can't even remember my own phone number.) And the crowd is full of nothing but eligible grown-up goodlooking nerd-men with music in their souls:


These guys were so damn cute, they knew all the words. It was like a big convention of all the guys you actually want to meet. And almost none of them brought girlfriends. Well, there was this one couple:

I have no idea who they are but they were kind enough to let me take a picture. Flowerpot hats. Need I say more?

5) Citizen of The Month does The Valley, like, for sure.
So Neil is in town for a few more weeks and then he's going back to New York. I've already managed to drag him to Hollywood once and last week we went to an amateur stand-up night in the Valley (his idea, not mine, I'm adventurous but even I don't do stand-up.) He lets me take pictures of him because he's a photographer and also a golden god on Instagram and anyway he doesn't complain and really that's my only criteria for success. Me, easy to please!

The view from our table at dinner in LaLa's Argentine restaurant on the boulevard in Studio City:

(Yes, Los Angeles, you are beautiful and I'm back in love with you again.)

After the comedy thing we went for coffee at the Starbucks on Ventura Blvd, which is as specific a location as saying, "We were in a forest and they had some trees there."


As we sat out on the sidewalk cafe, we were approached by a wild-eyed man hopped up on speed who tried to steal a Boston Terrier from the couple at the table beside us and Neil managed to get the crazy guy into a sleeper hold and the dog was saved. And then we finished our coffee.*
(* This did not happen.)

Neil also gives me dating advice, but kind of in the Socratic method. Here is an actual text conversation transcribed for your pleasure:

Neil: How was Date #5 and did he ask about u yet??

Laurie: Supposed to be Wednesday.
Ask about me how?

Neil: Show interest in your life. As weird as it is.
Also, do I want to see Captain America?

Laurie: I love that you manage to insult and compliment me all at the same time. Capt A was OK but mostly sets up Avengers.

Neil: Ha. That's why I changed the subject. I know you already.

6) And, following chronological order, Bonnie and I get mildly lost in downtown and stumble into an alternate universe two days ago.

Bonnie drove in from the depths of Orange County and met me in downtown Los Angeles for a little fun and shopping in the garment district. We went to all the great fabric vendors along 9th Street, Olympic, and Maple, including a long visit to Michael Levine. And we did a little street vendor shopping, too, where Bonnie got the cutest hat ever:


Totally ready for the Kentucky Derby, ya'll! For only five bucks!

I love Bonnie because she is funny as hell and an amazing crafter -- she sews like nobody's business, which I will write a separate post on entirely because girlfriend has inspired me to dust off my Singer and make those sofa pillows I keep saying I'm going to make. But also I love her because she is maybe the only friend I have who makes me look tan in comparison:

Girl fun! (No, seriously, I AM MORE TAN.) (A little.)

And she didn't seem to mind that my sense of direction is nonexistant and we got turned around a few times and kind of sort of had to walk 21 blocks downtown in the scorching sun. BUT that is where we stumbled upon this magical dress shop right in the middle of scrummy downtown off Broadway and 6th:


Those dresses were simply amazing. It was like walking into a fantasy, there was even a hello kitty dress which may or may not be the outfit I wear when I marry Al Gore:


Heartbroken that the picture turned out blurry but happy that such a dress exists. After our long day we ate hotdogs wrapped in bacon and covered in grilled onions and peppers. Can you think of a better way to end a day? No, me neither.

So that is the gap at a glance, summertime in the city, and now I promise not to go another two weeks without updating especially when we are in the midst of something as awesome and terrifying as THE STAND!! I love Stu Redman. The end.

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