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July 31, 2011

Because weekends were made for Hollywood fun.

My friend and also-blogger Neil Kramer is in town. On Friday night he and I went to the Cinerama dome at the Hollywood Arclight to see a screening of Another Earth.


Me and Neil. Our necks look weird. Why?

Here's the thing about Los Angeles... every Friday night is an opportunity to sit around and talk about your dreams, man. And this is a town of bigass dreams. The film was followed by a Q&A with director Mike Cahill and the lead actress, Britt Marling. They came right out in front of the audience and chatted and answered questions (most of which were some form of, "So how did you crew a film with only four people?" and "How did you get funding for your film which featured a crew of four sometimes and used a cherrypicker as a crane?" and "How did you get into Sundance and eventually score a development deal with Fox Searchlight?")

I love L.A. You all know these past few months have been insane for me, what with the next door neighbor trying to murder me in my sleep and the car accident and my best friend moving away to San Francisco and that time I got that bad haircut. I started fantasizing about leaving, abandoning the sinking ship of traffic, brown air and organic dry cleaning. But how can I ever leave this place? How do I leave? I'm ruined for other cities. I'm spoiled by our smog and movies that screen with the actual director and Korean BBQ that delivers at midnight.

The movies are a total scene on a weekend.

Those shadowy figures down at the bottom near the movie screen are the director and lead actress.

After the film Neil and I walked around Hollywood and played tourist, taking snapshots of local landmarks. That is where I saw actress Casey Wilson who plays Penny Hartz on Happy Endings. Ya'll, she is so cute! But the photo I tried to snap all surreptitiously was bad so just use your imagination.

Later Neil and I ducked into a Thai place off Sunset for dinner, in which we both kind of pretended to be on a date so I could practice for my actual upcoming dates (!!) which I may or may not tell you about depending on how things go. Neil is one of my favorite people, he's smart and has a good heart and he's genuine. I call him sometimes when I'm chardonnay and he doesn't mind. He's known me long enough to know that if you put me on a spectrum of dating disorders, though, I'd be in the non-functional autistic zone.

So we're having dinner to help prepare me for my maybe upcoming date and Neil says, "I don't understand why you have a hard time meeting guys. What's wrong with you?"

"I don't have a hard time meeting guys," I said. "I have a hard time meeting guys who are age-appropriate."

"What, are they too old? Not tall enough? Not Al Gore?" he asked.

"No, like they're 25! Every dude who comes on to me in real life is 25. I can't do that. I can't even bring myself to say the word cougar," I said. "I can't go below 30. (anymore) It's unseemly."

"What's wrong with 25?" he asked. "Might be fun."

"Well it is. But like, I'm a chick, I can't be doing that stuff anymore. I have to like, grow up or something. Also, I have to stop saying 'like' every six words," I said, like, to Neil.

Our pretend date went great, mostly because we're friends and we weren't on a date and I can tell Neil anything and we spent the rest of the night talking about his divorce. Totally the antithesis of real dating.

Then we were attacked by a rabid roaming gang of juvenile delinquents and Neil fought them off heroically and got a black eye but managed to put a teenage miscreant in a sleeper hold to get my handbag back.*

(*None of that happened, but Neil stipulated that any story about him on my website had to feature him fighting crime.)

Oh, also we had these amazing crab rolls:


And when I was trying to get a picture of Casey Wilson I got this guy instead but I liked the picture:


Perfect weekend.

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