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July 17, 2011

Now we're just waiting for the sequel...

Carmageddon came and went, apparently residents of the city were sufficiently scared out of their damn minds and they avoided all driving to all places at all times. The weekend was virtually traffic free! Which means when the sequel comes around next year and they do this all over again to tear down the other half of the bridge, people will think Carmageddon was a non-event and no one will heed the warnings to stay off the roads and there will be gridlock.

Just a prediction.

I did not drive anywhere. I walked to all my destinations, most of which were inside my own apartment. When I was out for my daily hike through the neighborhood I did see more folks walking and a little less traffic on the boulevard. There were plenty of news trucks parked here and there along the route, though all of the reporters looked a little sad that the city wasn't mired in traffic.

The guy who lives in the apartment across from mine (across a very small alley, in another building) had a big Carmageddon party where all the guests stood out on the balcony and chatted and smoked. As the night wore on the guests got louder and I could clearly hear my neighbor pitching his next script idea: "OK, so they close the freeway for construction and while demolishing the bridge the workers discover a portal that leads them back in time to the day the bridge was built!"

"Or what about a big group of homeless people, right? Like, displaced from the bridge..." said Another Person.

"Do people still live under bridges?" asked Third Person.

Then my neighbor had a stroke of brilliance.

"Hobo camp but with aliens!" he shouted. And you could hear everyone clinking wineglasses.

Crazy city.

Posted by laurie at July 17, 2011 4:43 PM