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July 11, 2011

Monday notes

1) Discovered this little gem at the supermarket:


Although it tastes a lot like a carton of mashed-up fudgesicles, I love any food item that gives you the calorie count for the entire container. This is truth in advertising.

2) No matter the location or size or cost, all my Los Angeles apartments seem to go through the same boring ritual. First, the garbage disposal dies (this usually happens the first week I move in.) Shortly thereafter the A/C dies. It was really hot on Friday and my air conditioning sputtered out around 5 p.m., just in time for everyone to be closed and unavailable to fix it. By a complete stroke of luck I was heading out the door on Saturday morning to buy another fan and I saw the maintenance guy -- the same one who fixed my garbage disposal. He fixed the air conditioning, he is magic. Thank goodness, since this apartment is quite the little heatbox. If I ever decide to leave this crazy city I'm going somewhere cold.

3) Which brings me to hiberknitting. I've been on a hipster hat binge lately, and just last night completed my fourth hat while watching streaming episodes of Friday Night Lights. Jennifer got me irrevocably hooked on that show and it's perfect summer hibernation viewing.

4) The sweater, on the other hand... is stalled. I wanted a really open weave looking sweater which is a much looser gauge than the pattern and so I'm off on my row gauge (obviously) and it was too much headache for me to manipulate the math of the pattern right now. I'll figure it out some other time. Plus the yarn I picked was awfully shiny. I'm not giving up on this project but I'm not sure what I will do next on it, so for now it's on hiatus.

5) Speaking of hiatus, The Closer is back from break and starts the seventh season tonight. I didn't realize this was the final season. Oh, Brenda Leigh Johnson. I'll miss you. I have watched you in four residences at all different weird ass stages of life and you have not disappointed.

6) I think I might knit another pair of Noro gloves. I still have yarn left and I remember how much I loved that project last summer. Those gloves have probably gotten the most wear of all my handknit items, I wore them all winter long whether I needed them or not.

7) Summer also means hibernation for the bears (cats):



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