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July 18, 2011

Hot pants

Today I'm nostalgic for 1980s music videos. My whole teen and pre-teen era was filled with a deep longing to be just like the girls in music videos. I remember watching Madonna sing "Dress You Up (in my love)" and desperately needing a bright paisley jacket and some purple lace leggings.

My parents did not feel the same way and I think I am still a little mad about it.

The 1980s were so colorful, especially compared to the drab head-to-toe black ensembles that have become the dress code since post-grunge. When I saw the cover of the latest Anthropologie catalog I had an immediate happy feeling about the bright green jeans.


In the seventh grade I owned a pair of purple jeans that I thought were the absolute ultimate in cool. Seeing the colored skinny jeans on the catalog cover reminded me of them. How I loved those purple jeans. And paisley. I was crazy for paisley and had quite the array of patterned shirts, belts and pants ("the paramecium years.") I never found a Maddonna-esque paisley jacket, though. In the 9th grade my best friend and I saved all our money for six months to buy matching jackets with a big embroidered pyramid and eyeball on the back because we thought they looked a little like Madonna's jacket in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan. I think I wore that jacket every single day the whole winter of my freshman year.

It feels like a stroke of luck that I grew up in the 1980s. For a long time I thought the return of 1980s fashion was a direct sign of mass hysteria, but now I think it's kind of cheerful and hopeful. I could definitely see myself in some purple jeans again.

Posted by laurie at July 18, 2011 1:08 PM