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July 5, 2011


After a week of having no idea at all where my camera had run off to with my beautiful pictures of vacation and family, I discovered it hiding in the bottom of my shoe bowl.

So many exciting things about that sentence, including "shoe bowl."

Some years ago I acquired a huge rattan bowl sculpture thingy that I originally tried to make into a cat bed with no success. Eventually it became my shoe bowl and I keep it by the front door to hold all my orangutans shoes. How my camera came to rest at the bottom of it is a mystery to all of us, even the flip flops.

And now the camera is making some weird mechanical noises when the lens opens and shuts, nice!, but nevermind all that, because I have vacation pictures to share.

For my birthday my brother Guy gave me all his frequent flier miles and I went out to visit him and his wife Kelli and their kids, Brett and Andrew. It was so much fun! Everyone scoffed at me, "Florida in June! You so crazy!" but it was a great little vacation and fun was had by all.

Many shenanigans transpired between yours truly and one Prince Andrew:



He's ten, the perfect age. One cannot be depressed or lethargic or dumbstruck over one's momentous stupid birthday when one is clowning around and discussing Mortal Kombat with a ten year old boy. IMPOSSIBLE.

And I met Puff! This is Puff:


Behind the scenes, Puff silently endured some beautifying for the photo shoot:


My brother and his family live in this amazing beautiful home that would cost one bazillion dollars in Los Angeles County. Their pool has a waterfall, and it's all screened in so you don't have mosquitoes or dust or interlopers, which I think is brilliant:


Basically it was like staying at a five-star resort without the tedious little hassle of having to pay for it. And they drove me around everywhere. By my citified "I have a view of an alley" standards, their home is out in the lush countryside. How do I know this? I present to you their intersection:


Turtle, dude. At a crossroads. So much metaphor.

While I was there Guy took a day off work to show me the sights in Daytona Beach, which includes a beach that you can DRIVE ON. In a CAR. I don't need to tell you the forty-nine hundred reasons this is a bad idea and why it could never be legal in Los Angeles and how much traffic there would be here while people literally drove into the ocean and honked at seagulls and stuff, so I am just going to show you the pretty and also CRAZY pictures of my brother driving his enormous truck on THE BEACH.




Tomorrow I have more pictures of beautiful coastal Florida (seriously, Florida, your beaches are pretty terrific, even though you can apparently DRIVE on them, which is nuts) and I have pictures of a lighthouse which we climbed, my first ever. It had something like seven million stairs and I was completely fine with that but did not realize until too late that very old lighthouses in Florida are not air conditioned. Whoops.

But before I go... MORE PUFF.

Oh, the cute.

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