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June 16, 2011


Mysteriously enough the entire work crew did not show up yesterday and so there was no jackhammering, no whining tile saw piercing into my arteries all day. People, it was a remarkably good day. Even with the opera enthusiast across the alley playing Sonata of Depression and Killing all afternoon at the highest possible volume, even with the ghetto birds and car alarms sounding periodically it felt downright quiet here in the 'hood. So that was the purpose of the jackhammer, perhaps. It was put here on this earth and in my neighborhood to make me appreciate the ambient noise.

I had a list of errands to run yesterday and I did none of them, I opened the windows and stayed home all day, no radio, no TV, just the sound of typing, an occasional meow from the peanut gallery. Some opera from across the way, which I kind of like actually, though you have to admit it's a really weird soundtrack to an uncertain time in your life. If you were feeling at a crossroads in a big crazy city and found yourself in some temporary apartment with all your stuff kind of piled up in a corner and opera was the soundtrack running beneath it all you might think, Okay. Are we about to see a scene from The Godfather or are the neighbors going to be revealed as vampires?

Or maybe you wouldn't think that. Maybe you would just be happy your neighbor isn't playing Ranchero music all day. (On a daily basis I am happy my neighbor across the way prefers opera to Ranchero.)

The crew is back today. The tile saw started up at 6:45 a.m.

Posted by laurie at June 16, 2011 3:22 PM