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May 14, 2011

A New Day

After my proclamation freeing myself, I woke up this morning feeling physically lighter. Which is not usually how I feel after a dinner of all tater tots. Lighter! Free!

Then I walked 6.94 miles this morning or so says the shoe sensor. It's all May grey and cloudy so the weather is cool and I feel like I could walk forever. While out and about I took this picture for you:


The whole block of this sidewalk is covered in beautiful blooming bougainvillea. Before coming to Los Angeles I'd never seen this kind of flower and I still think it's one of the prettiest things about L.A.

Here is a home up in the hills with two colors of bougainvillea covering the gate:



This morning on my walk I was thinking maybe all those people who say getting older has its benefits are right after all. Oprah says turning 40 is the best ever and all this time I suspected she was smoking a bowl or just rolling around naked in a pile of money every night. But now I see she was on to something. Perhaps this is the part of life where you decide once and for all to let your freak flag fly and you don't give a damn because you just spent 40 years playing nice and being a good girl and now you're done. DONE, I tell you.

It is so liberating! I even feel taller, people. Maybe later today I will take over a small country! I hope they have watermelon.

As promised comments will re-open in a while, probably next week (definitely for Gatsby) but with a big change, which is that we have all made a solemn pact not to tell each other how to live, who to love, where to worship, what to drive or how to be a "better" human being. There is a whole world of awesome commentation that can go on instead in that space. I am up to this challenge, I hope you are, too.

If this is any indication turning 40 is going to be EPIC. Is this what happens to women when we get older? If so I am totally into it. We will discuss this in the future, I am very interested to hear if you also just woke up one morning and discovered you'd had it up to here with being a good girl who lets people say any old thing they want at any old time. Especially Southern girls, which is a whole special flavor of repressed crazypants. Then we will write a book about it and make ONE MAGILLION DOLLARS.

Now, cat picture:


I was born being over it, lady.

And one last flower picture. This is a rather scrummy and sketchy portion of the city and smack in the middle of it there is a wall tumbling over full of pure white roses that smell like rosewater and rain:

I love city life.

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