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May 19, 2011

We're going downtown

Earlier this week I took the subway to meet up with my friend Corey. It was a rainy day and that is the perfect time to visit downtown. The area's olfactary offerings get softened after some rain. After a short subway ride ($1.50, one way, metro.net) we met at Grand Central Market:

317 South Broadway, Los Angeles. Nearest metro stop: Pershing Square

I love Grand Central, it's a huge open marketplace full of just about every food and spice and edible under the sun:




We decided on tacos, Corey got the chicken and carnitas while I went with the tried and true carne asada:

Lunch for around four dollars. Not bad.

Everyone likes Grand Central Market.

After our lunch break together I walked back along the damp streets and I saw a little still life that felt like L.A. to me, a little gritty, a little pretty. These white flowers bloom in the wildest places, you'll see them in freeway medians and along alleyways and they're so beautiful, the blossoms are quite large (sometimes six or seven inches across):


Here's the wide shot:


Flowers among the refuse.

Posted by laurie at May 19, 2011 9:45 AM