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May 30, 2011

The Knitting Hive Mind has spoken

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me search out patterns for the boutique sweater I went nutso over. Thanks for the yarn suggestions, too, and pattern ideas. Honestly, why doesn't a knitter become our president? I believe the attention to detail and the snap-to-itness of a knitter are what we need in this world!


Reader Lisa G. saw the entry about the sweater and contacted her friend Vera who makes custom patterns. Vera came over, saw the sweater, and offered to make a pattern based on the sweater and offer it for just $5.50 ... AND she'll be done writing the pattern in about a week so that gives us all time to find yarn and fidget in happiness. Here is what Vera said yesterday:

I can write this up as a pattern, top down construction, no seams, knit in sleeves (not raglan, but set-in). I would make it 16 sts/4" in a DK weight yarn to make it loose gauged like the sample in the picture.

It would take me about one week to write the pattern and knit up a prototype.

I will be working on these sizes for the pattern: 32 (36, 40, 44, 48, 52) inches. I am size 44" chest, and as I am writing up the pattern, I am working a sample sweater for myself.

Here are some of my observations/changes to the sweater in the photo. I am working the pattern so that you can just crochet a simple slip stitch around the neckline or for those who cannot crochet, knit a small ribbing around the neckline. That can be done either as a rolled rib (stockinette stitch) or K1/P1.

I am not going to make drop shoulders but there is shoulder shaping with set-in sleeves. Otherwise, the shoulder part will droop down your arms.

Since I am doing the pattern in top-down, seamless construction, there will be NO sewing involved at all! :) I will give extensive instructions for those who have never knit a sweater like that before.

The sweater will have waist shaping, but for those who want the sweater to go straight down, you just omit the shaping part.

Because it is top-down construction, you decide on the length as you try on the sweater while working it.

If any of you have access to ravelry (knit and crochet community on line, free to join - I equate it to facebook for knitters/ crocheters), my user name is: sunfunliving and I have a group on ravelry where I will post photos of the progress.

Vera and Lisa, knitters saving the day! Aaaaand then I corresponded with reader Connie who offered to do a yarn swap with me and after yesterday something crazy good happened and I felt like all the irritation and weirdness I have been feeling about the internet was washed away and replaced my happiness and love and a renewed vigor to lock Al Gore in a naked bearhug and thank him for inventing this place.

Wait, was that an overshare?

- - - UPDATE!!! (Monday 5/31 at 11:15 a.m.) - - -
I just got an email from Vera with a pic of the work-in-progress. Cannot explain my awe at how someone has the amazing skill to design a sweater from a picture, and also wow she's fast! Check it out:


- - - (now back to the rest of the entry) - - -

So I am on fire with this sweater and started swatching last night in some cotton I had in my stash. It's worsted weight and not at all right for this sweater but when you are lit up with the flame of swatching nothing can stop you:

Worsted weight cotton/poly blend yarn on size 13 needles.

Not airy enough, but still, swatching! Also I know the needle looks like it says size 11 in the picture but it's size 13. The paint of the "3" is worn off.

Here is what I learned from working up this too-large weight yarn on not-large-enough size 13 needles: While the end result is too dense for the sweater, I was able to knit it up while I chatted on the phone with my mom for less than a half hour and based that, this whole sweater is going to be a very quick knit.

It took about 25 minutes to get a good five inches of fabric. Can I get a what what for a fast summer knit? Hello!

I am so excited about making my first sweater. Well, first sweater that is not for a baby or a dog. Yay! Are you planning to knit this, too, so I can ask you questions and see your results which will surely be finished seventeen weeks before mine? I'm all for knit-along though let's be honest, I suck at organizing things that don't involve food, so let's just do this: I'm going to make this sweater. From some yarn and Vera's pattern. I am also in the last bit of finishing up my book so even though this is a fast-looking knit I may or may not finish this sweater by the time the world ends. If you want to knit a similar sweater but not the exact duplicate, check out the links provided by the Superfriends of Knitting in the comments of yesterday's post. Maybe one will be right for you. And though we may not all be knitting the same exact sweater at the same exact time, it will be this loosely joined collective of Boho Boutique Sweater knitters. Yay!

Also I realize this particular style is not everyone's fashion cup of tea (I know somewhere out there a woman is saying, "This is what you crazy California people think is fashion? Really?") so I hope you find a summer sweater out there somewhere that sets you on fire the way this one did for me.

If you did like that style you may be pleased to know that while I was there on the sidewalk taking pictures of the store's display window I figured I should snap a few photos of the other cute sweater in the window. Obviously a handknit as well, this one is even more summery, with a cute tank top underneath. I don't really do sleeveless but if I did this would be next on my list:


I love the breezy California style! And I love the internet. I should have known all it would take was some knitting and some knitters to get me back into the groove. I can't thank you enough for that. Thank you to everyone who chatted with me yesterday both here and on Twitter. When I get to thank Al in my special way you all will be the first to know.

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