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May 29, 2011

Knitting Minds Activate! Form of Boutique Sweater!

You GUYS. It's finally happened. This is the moment I have been waiting for since 2005! I finally found the one adult-sized sweater that has gripped me in its yarny vice and made me absolutely crazy to knit it.


Late last week when I passed the window display of a little boutique on the boulevard I saw this sweater and stopped right in my tracks. The shop wasn't open so I took a bunch of photos through the glass, I'm sure passers by thought I was casing the joint. This being Los Angeles though no one stopped me, hooray! And I felt very lucky to pass by this store just moments after they closed since I have been in this shop before and they only carry three sizes (small, extra-small, and make-you-want-to-cry small) and they only have one price range (Kardashian Engagement Ring). I actually love this store and plan to shop there all the time when I am much too rich and much too thin but until then I can thank them for finally showing me the one handknit sweater I must make myself or the world will stop spinning on its axis.

And I know that you all are collectively the smartest (and best looking!) knitting hive mind on the planet so can you help me find a pattern for this sweater? Have you seen anything like this? It looks like a worsted weight or just slightly thinner cotton yarn knit on large needles in plain stockinette. The cuffs and bottom are a simple 1 x 1 rib. The neck is a V-neck with what looks like a pick-up-and-knit finished neckline (yes, I know this is not a technically perfect description.) I took a ton of pictures so here we go:


How the sleeves are connected.

Basic plain old seams. (Oh, edited to add that apparently I was trying to be polite to the sweater's feelings and did not mention it before but yes, those seams are mad sloppy. And you do not want to know how much this sweater costs with those seams!)

Simple 1x1 ribbing on the hem and cuffs.

Neckline. Like I said, casing the joint.

UPDATED to add this super-close-up of the hem:
You all have the most amazing eye, how did you immediately know it was two strands of yarn held together?? I didn't even notice until you pointed it out! I am officially in awe. Carry on.

I want this sweater! It's perfect loosey goosey stockinette that is well within my happiness zone and it's beautifully chic without trying too hard. You know, casual without being dumpy and still fashionable without being Real Housewifey. Ya'll, fashion is so complex. The mannequin display has the sweater over a gorgeous red sleeveless dress and I love it, this sweater would be a nice change from covering my arms with a shrug or jacket. Plus I could wear almost year-round here in Los Angeles weather since it's knit so loose and mesh-like. Wouldn't this be cute with a tank top and jeans? Or over a very thin turtleneck t-shirt in the winter?

So I am sending this out in the knitting universe as the equivalent to putting it on the side of a milk carton. Help, please! Have you seen this pattern? Do you know where I can find a pattern to make a sweater just like this? Have you made a sweater like this? When we find the pattern want to make this sweater along with me? It could be a perfect summer knit!!

Posted by laurie at May 29, 2011 12:04 PM