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May 11, 2011

Gratuitous Cat Picture Wednesday

This week has been mad unstable so instead of transcribing what I hope is the last of my run of bad luck, I have decided instead to post pictures of stuff I like. Take that, Suckadelelic Universe. Anyway what I am thinking here is that things will either make a turnaround real soon (as things do) OR I will be writing my next dispatch from the remote badlands of Sinaloa where I will have run off to to join a drug cartel and write narcocorridos that feature bad 1980s hiphop slang. Represent!


I love all the bougainvillea growing wild in alleys and on hillsides in Los Angeles:


I love the greasy spoon breakfast and pretty much everything about Dupar's:


I love looking up for no reason at all except maybe feeling like someone is watching me and seeing a cat chilling on the second floor window ledge:


And speaking of felines, I love my fur-wearing sentries who keep all the windows here secure and well-watched at all times:

(Notice my awesome pile of boxes in the background. Decorating. It's a modern art installation, people.)

There is a lot going on across the alley, this new nemesis has proven especially daunting:


Bob has it under control:


What do you love today?

Posted by laurie at May 11, 2011 9:43 AM