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May 5, 2011

C'mon shake your body baby do that conga, know you can't control yourself any longer

My little offhanded mention of the TV show Extreme Couponing had so many folks talking about the show that I decided I had to watch an episode or two. Ever the TV overachiever I tuned in for a couple of episodes last night and once I got past my initial disappointment that it was not a show about people cutting coupons while skydiving, motorbiking or climbing Everest I was unable to look away. I wanted to hate the show -- the sheer overuse of the word "couponing" alone predisposed me to dislike it -- but it was oddly riveting.

The first episode I caught featured a single mom in Chicago who seemed really normal and frugal and lovely. It also followed a cute young newlywed couple who used a bazillion coupons to buy a truckload of crap for FREE and then they donated the whole load to charity. I liked them a lot. And they didn't just say they were going to donate it, you actually see them doing it. Not the case with one of the other shows where a woman vaguely mentioned the idea of donating one of her eleventeen hundred tubes of toothpaste but you got the distinct feeling she was never letting go of one item.

They may be hoarders but, wow are they organized. And I kind of admire that commitment even though I can't wrap my mind around purchasing or carrying or storing 900 bottles of liquid detergent. I can barely find space for an extra roll of toilet paper here in Apartment Of Unspecified Location. Mostly though I was shocked to learn that some of these folks spend well over thirty hours a week clipping, sorting and fussing with their coupons! This says more about me than the coupon fanatics but the first thought that popped into my brain was, "Thirty hours! You could be writing a novel, lady!"

Overall it was fascinating, though. One gal bought 93 bags of croutons for free with her coupons and nary a head of lettuce in the bunch. Listen, I love me some croutons. But even a loyal and devout crouton fan such as myself can't eat 93 bags of crunchified bread without some salad. But I couldn't hate on her, she seemed so ridiculously happy with her croutons. Whatever floats your boat. It did strike me that this whole couponing/hoarding situation seems like a distinctly North American thing. What do you think?

Yesterday it was hot as the scorching surface of the sun here in Los Angeles so while I watched my reality TV I did a little knitting. To be more accurate I did a little reknitting. When I first started down this wild road paved with so many skeins of wool I had just no idea what I was doing. Honestly. And I knew that everyone said not to knit a heavy scarf in stockinette because it would allegedly roll into a long tube. Yeah, yeah yeah. Why I thought the rules of physics and alchemy and stockinette did not apply to me is a mystery of my id. Oh the bravado of new crafters! So I knitted myself a longass stockinette scarf with big ol' pompom ends and sure enough I got myself a tube to end all tubes:


The pompoms rock, though.

I carefully unfastened the big poms from the tube and started unknitting the tube and reknitting it into a perfect garter stitch scarf. I don't care how uncultured and uninteresting you think I am, I love me some garter stitch. This is a perfect project for a little afternoon knitting. It makes more sense that I would spend my winters knitting wool items that I can't wear here in my beloved city because it never really gets cold enough to require more than a windbreaker anyway. BUT I prefer to knit in the summer. It's my thing. I like hibernating in the heat of the day with sticks, strings and a furry yarn-holder-downwer:




Aw, I love her.

Posted by laurie at May 5, 2011 12:57 PM